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Welcome at the Eagle Eye Productions page.

Eagle Eye is part of KLB productions. At Eagle Eye we mainly make video’s. In the past I have done a lot of watch reviews, done some traveling video’s and now I am into making car reviews for YouTube.

I been active on YouTube for about 8 years now. At this point I decided to focus more on car reviews. That has always been a dream to make car video’s. It combines my two passions, cars & video editing.

Since I have a lot of interests and hobbies it was difficult just stick to one topic only. But cars are my passion since my childhood, so that was an easy choice. My other interest is with the topic of information security.

In the future I hope I can focus more on after affects and other visual effects to lighten up my video’s.

Updates about Eagle Eye and some new upcoming video’s will be published to Facebook and on this site as well. Hope you guys appreciate the work and hope to see you again soon.

 You can find my main YouTube channel here.

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  1. Jonathan Cruysberghs

    I’ve seen your video of the lemania on YouTube. Are you willing to sell it?

    Best regards

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