Hi there, thanks for visiting my website. KLB PRODUCTIONS started in 2006 with website building, beat making and video creations. Only the video creation part is still going strong. I have a passion for cars, video editing and like to write blogs, the result is this website.

We will offer buyers reviews of all desirable cars in the world, the end goal would be to have kind of a WikiPedia for all great cars to come out of Europe. In a later stage we will focus on the US and Asia. So this is a project that goes on for years to come.

What you can expect

Buyers reviews, blogs, POV driving videos, livestreams, scooter video’s of trips and restoration projects, in a later stage maybe even some podcasts or gaming video’s, although they will not match with the original content.

Please let a comment if you have any questions or suggestions, subscribe to my YouTube channel and do not fear to hit us up if you are from the Netherlands. Cheers!