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Epic, Epic, Epic. That’s the end and the verdict. Well, lets use a few more words to describe the 2007 game Crysis. Back in the late 2000’s it was a benchmark game not only for the FPS genre but it was also a benchmark game for video gamers to test their hardware. Will it run Crysis was a common question back then.

I think back with warm memmories when it comes to this game, the engine, the nano suit, the island, the water, the famous AK47 with a single shot to perform headshots, either with our without silencer. The north Korea’s, the tanks, the story, perhaps the aliens and your team. This game was badass on another level, it was different and mindblowing and something different from anything that I have played up until that point. Still love the FarCry series a bit better but when I played it first in august 2007 this was massive, it was the first new gen game I played on my first gaming rig I built myself.

I remember working the whole summer to be able to built a PC that could play Crysis and the end of summer going into winter. The AI of the enemies was pretty good as well, they could not be defeated easily. The weapons where special as well from the AK47, the rocket laucher, the combat shotgun, the dual wielded silenced pistols and offcource the mini gun.

The story was also great and interesting and would take place in 2019 which was in 2007 and fictional date and time, well look where we are now. That being said myself I am from the mid 1980’s so I am half a boomer to most of you. Well, how times have changed. The expansion pack Crysis Warhead was a welcome addition after finishing Crysis, there was still more hunger to see more of the developers creativity and more Koreans to pacify. Without a doubt this game is in my top3 of best games I have ever played. Still in 2022 it blasts you away with firefights, the maps, guns and story line. If you haven’t played it yet, it is cheap to pick up a copy. Crysis was so far ahead of its time, I think this title set the outline for the future of gaming. Thanks for watching and subscribe if you want to see more video game reviews or watch no commentary game reviews on this channel, you guessed right, Crysis is on there as well.

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