Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Game Review

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Hi everyone, we are back with another gaming review, today it is my job to review the 2010 video game Battlefield Bad Company 2, the first game came out in 2008, but the second edition is what we are reviewing today. It was produced by DICE and the distributer was EA games.

The first mission of the game takes place in Japan during the second world war, after this first mission you return to the present day and go through a number of missions. Next fighting on the ground there are a number of vehicles to your disposal like quads, tanks and technicals. Fighting action is realistic and it is a mix between technical shooters and fast pasted action. I liked the fact you can have air support to assist the fighting on the ground. And you probably know by now but some good sniping action is always welcome. I remember playing this game in 2010 with my headphones on and loved the sound design.

The story line could be a bit better but it is not standing in the way of enjoying this game. It takes placed during the fictional second Russo-American War. So expect some stereotypes here. Next to playing a single player mode it is also possible to play multiplayer. I tried to login to some servers in 2020 but without any luck, I think this must have been one of the hottest multiplayer games to hit the early 2010’s but by 2022 is completely dead. There is just some much to choose from nowadays. And technology is going so fast. Next to call of duty, medal of honor, battlefield is an absolute blast to play. There is a no commentary walkthrough of the whole game right here on this channel if you are interested. The game can be picked up for a few dollars or euros by now and it is still worth it, yes it is a little outdated but you will have a blast for the couple of hours that is needed to complete the game. Thanks for watching my review of Battlefield Bad Company 2, if you have any questions or remarks please let me know in the comment section of this video. Cheers!

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