Medal of Honor Airborne – Game Review

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Hi everyone, we are back with another game review, today we view the 2007 game Medal of Honor. I played this game on my first build. With that I mean the first video game rig I build myself. The year was 2007 and I remember the late nineties and early 2000’s playing the first installment of the Medal of Honor series on the playstation 1. That game was released in october of 1999, but lets quickly forward to 2007. It was august of 2007 and this game was released, it used a highly modifies unreal 3 engine. It looked stunning for its time, intensive firefights is what gets me going and this game had plenty of that. Funny detail is that EA first used their renderware engine by the start of the project at the end of 2004, by 2006 they changed engines and this delayed the release of the game by 1 year.

There was also a multiplayer version of the game available that was helped further with the use of the community.

I remember playing this game during the same time playing Crysis. Where Crysis was way further in terms of graphics, AI and storyline, Airborne was just a pleasant FPS game that offered quite some fun. The WW2 FPS genre is a very crowded place so standing out is difficult. MOH is one of the first video games that captured a good view of the second world war. In this game you focus on being a paratrooper being dropped above the warzone. The maps and enemies give you plenty of a challenge but in the end it is just a fast paced shooter with plenty of puzzles to fix. I still remember the game after so many years because of the maps, enemies and the fact you could upgrade your weapons and become a much hardened fighter throughout the game. Me being from Holland I appreciated the marketgarden maps and the feeling you where liberating the streets on your motherland. Nice sidenote, it was the first game I have played and recording here for this channel, so if you are looking for walkthroughs without any commentary, you come to the right place. Thanks for watching this gaming review of Medal of Honor Airborne, I hope the video was useful and if so, subscribe to this channel for future updates.

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