FarCry 5 – Game Review

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Hey everyone, today we will review the 2018 video game FarCry5. At the time of recording FarCry6 is the latest one in the series, but FarCry5 was a big improvement over FarCry4. Just a quick history lesson, FarCry3 came out in 2012, FarCry4 in 2014 and FarCry5 in 2018. So you can review the 4th game more of a make over and FarCry5 is new in many area’s.

I was always a big fan of the FarCry game series, and this 5th edition did not disappoint. As always the firefights can be intense, the map is big and beautiful, the story is interesting and the array of guns seems endless. To complete the story you need to invest quite some time and create quite some bodies in the meantime. It is definitely worth your time if you can enjoy a good shooter that is not too tactical and your enemies can be quite brutal from time to time. Also lots of vehicles to choose from, always a big plus. You can attack enemy positions from the air, water or the good old fashioned land. One of the best shooters out there that is still quite new.

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