Wolfenstein The Old Blood – Game Review

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Hi everyone, thanks for watching another game review here on this channel. When you think about FPS games and breakthrough titels in the field of fist person shooters, one title comes to mind immediately. Wolfenstein. I still remember playing Wolfenstein 3D, the 1992 game from a floppy disk when my OS was DOS 5.0. It has to be an 386 or even the later 486. Wolfenstein always had a difficult task to keep up with the competition on the form of Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and the battlefield series.

However in 2014 this version came to the market, it was a machinegames production and I was impressed by it. To be honest this is not a tactical shooter at all, it is all over the place, but when you like fast action and a whole array of different enemies and love the challenges the game throws at you, this could be a game for you. The game takes place in 1946 and the Nazis are gaining control and supriority over the allies, mostly because of their advance weapons. The main character that you are playing is called B.J. Blazkowicz, his mission is to inflitrate the weapons development facility and destroy it.

I played the game more than a year ago and from what I can remember I recall the intense firefights in the game and at the same time the ability to sneak around if needed. Almost every gun can be used in dual wield mode. This is especially handy when fighting super soldiers or cyborgs, it cuts the time in half to neutralise them.

So yeah, intense firefights, great constructed maps and a breath of fresh air in the approach of the second world war FPS games, the story was ok in my book but many critics say this was the worst about the video game. It is a title you can forget easily but when I look back on the video game footage I can tell I had a great time. So far I rate it avarage, for the time it was quite it big title. In the bigger scheme of things it cannot hold a candle to Call of Duty or the battlefield series. Granted, these games are released by the biggest game studio’s on the planet. Thanks for watching, see you in the next video.

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