2006 Yamaha Aerox R review

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Hi everyone, today I will review the 2006 Yamaha Aerox R. I purchased this scooter last year February so I own it now for 20 months. Time for a review. When searching for a scooter I did not really have a specific model in mind, I just wanted a model I could remember driving around in the early 2000’s when I was 16. A few models came to mind, the gilera runner, the peugeot Speedfight, a Yamaha Aerox or an Aprilia of some kind. Turned out there was a nice looking aerox on the way back from picking up an Aprilia Area 51 my brother was searching for. So we killed two birds with one stone that day.

I liked the black on black kit it came with, the price was reasonable and it turned out this scooter was used by a local garage to pick up and bring back employees home. When we arrived to pick up the scooter, the guy met us in his garage that had an old disabled E30 BMW inside and a whole lot of 50 or 70 cc cylinders. The guy obviously had some experience dealing with engines. Soon as I took a test drive I noticed the pulling power from the Yamaha and for the price the overall status was good.

So far I have only changed a dead battery in order to make sure the electronic starter will still work a couple of days after driving it. The plan is to change the tires, the rims since I notice it is out of balance on the higher speeds, also the fuel gauge is not accurate so we will have to replace the fuel float, hope that is a real word. We are planning to do some maintenance video’s this winter.

It is a real treat to drive, the seating position is somewhat sportive so it is not the most comfortable on longer journeys. That being said, last summer I drove more than 200 KM in one day. Yeah, after that my back was complaining, but hey, I am getting old I suppose.

Planning to do a regularly maintenance service to check up on the overall condition of the engine block, replace break-oil, planning to change/replace gearbox oil and do a checkup on the condition of the oil pump. Since it is a two stroke engine, you have to regularly add new oil and the oil pump will mix it in with the gasoline to make the right mixture.

Even when this engine is warm a blue smoke trail can be seen under acceleration, I bet it is normal for a two stroke engine but perhaps the engine is running rich. Storage space is not big, you cannot store your helmet in the buddy seat but you can bring a lock and a backpack, this is comparable with other scooters.

The scooter will use about 3.3 liters of fuel on every 100 KM, which is great with today’s gasprices.

Overall I am very satisfied with this scooter, it did have a long production run, was quite popular in its days so there are still many parts available which is a big plus in my opinion. Planning to keep it until the government outlaws it, but even then, we are the Dutch Scooter Gang, catch me if you can. Thanks for watching, stay tuned for maintenance video’s and more content coming the new couple of months. Cheers.

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