2019 Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI POV DRIVING

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Hello everyone, today we drive the 2019 Volkswagen Polo. 

1.0 liter 3 cylinder
The car has the 1.0 liter 3 cylinder TSI engine, this engine has a small displacement with a turbo. Everything is focused on low consumption figures and low CO2 emissions. The new religion of car manufacturers under pressure of governments.

Does this make the Polo a boring car or did Volkswagen do quite a good job with the Polo?

Impressive engine
Let me start by saying that this car is still quite fast, relatively speaking of course. Strong points of the Polo are definitely its options and the feeling you get when you sit down in one. I am sure it said before a hundred times but this is just like a small Golf. Makes we wonder why you should buy a Golf instead. 

Well maybe design wise and space wiss there Golf beats the Polo.
Consumption figures are quite impressive for this car.

Reliability wiss I am not sure if a TSI 3 cylinder is the best, the engine is quite loud under 2000 RPM. That being said its ruthlessly efficient with petrol while still offering a bit of performance, that is something that has to be mentioned, impressive job by Volkswagen.

Position of the car in the market

The car I drove was brand new, not even 4000 KM’s on the clock. This was the highline version will all options. Adaptive cruise control, navigation, start-stop system, alloy rims and good supportive seats.

Price of this particular model was a little north of 27.000 euros here in the Netherlands. This engine choice in combination with the comfortline pack with the most sold here. Even if you drive lots of kilometers this petrol engine will probably be a better choice then the diesel. This has something to do with the road tax for diesels in the Netherlands, everall this Polo is a benchmark for the B-segment.

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