2007 Volvo s40 2.4 POV DRIVING

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Hello everyone,
Today I will show you some driving footage of the 2007 Volvo s40.

This is the second generation s40, the car came to the market in 2004 and was built until 2012. The first facelift of the s40 was in 2008.

The characteristic of the engine is that low in the RPM line torque is available and above 4000 RPM the engine really starts pulling and make a nice raspy 5 cylinder noise. In normal day use and frequently shifting this engine will barely rev higher than 2500 RPM. This makes the car quite and this makes sure the engine does not have to work that hard to accelerate. Another way to enhance durability.

The driving experience is somewhat sportive, it is not afraid of corners but it is clearly designed for long motorway journeys, the car is quite on higher speeds and the seats offer very good support. Comfort is what the chassis is designed for, the suspension is quite stiff but not uncomfortable. The Ford genes make the S40 an enjoyable car to drive, the more traditional Volvo chassis are completely designed for comfort, the chassis of the s40 finds a good balance between comfort and more dynamic driving.

When it comes to options, the car offers cruise-control, air conditioning, ABS, electronic stability control (ESC), radio/CD player, navigation, alarm, central locking etc.

From the factory the s40, like many Volvo’s turns on its headlight automatically. With a software update you can turn the headlights on and off. The button is already there, but without the software it will not function. With a software update you can also adjust the powered output of the engine. The 2.4 5 cylinder comes in two variants, the 140 HP and 170 HP versions. Engines codes are B5244S5 for the 140 HP and B5244S4 for the 170 HP.

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