1992 Mercedes-Benz 190e 2.6 POV DRIVING

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Hi everyone,

Today I get to drive an icon of a car, the W201 from Mercedes Benz, this particular model has the 2.6 liter straight six, back in the day this produced 161 HP. I will give you a quick tour of the car before I start driving it. If you are here for the POV footage only I suggest you go skip to 47 seconds, that is the moment we start to drive the car.

Really excited to share this video, the only downside is that I needed to use the ventilator to make sure there was no fog on the windows, this resulted in some background noise in the audio. I hope I can prevent this next time. I drove the car on 4 january 2020 and the car had been standing outside for a while, there were some issues with moisture that leaked in boot of the car. I bet if you drove it for about 200-300 KMs and parked it inside a garage and gave it some attention, these problems would disappear. All in all happy to drive one of few cars I would buy as a hobby object. Always wanted to record a video of this car, check.

This car was listed for 6500,- mainly because of the low milage and the fact it had a 6 cylinder engine. Too bad there was not any documentation available for the car. This was for me a huge issue if I wanted to buy one.

Enjoy the drive!

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