Buying review Mercedes Benz S-Class (W221) 2006-2013 Common Issues Engines Inspection

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Hello everyone, welcome to another buyers review of the Mercedes S-class. The S-class is the flagship model of the Mercedes-Benz line-up. It offers the newest gadgets, next to that it is one of the most comfortable cars available and it looks perfect for heads of state, kings, Mafioso and off course CEO’s.

The S-class comes with many engines to choose from. Also built quality and interior are high-class. This car is now 6 years out of production and some of the gadgets cannot be found yet on more modern cars. The option list for the car is quite long, so it will take you some time to find the perfect S-class that fits your requirements.

Engines range from more than adequate to the very powerful V12 engine. The first facelift of the car was done in 2010. In that year the S400 hybrid made its introduction, this was the first step for Mercedes towards the electrification of its flagship car. The s400 had a 3.5 liter V6 combined with a hybrid system to develop 295 HP in total. It gets 19 miles per US gallon (12L/100KM) in the city and 26 miles a gallon (9L/100KM) on the highway.

Strong points of the car

  • Comfortable
  • Space
  • Lots of gadgets, lots of luxurious equipment
  • This car is more then you ever going to need
  • Every S-class is fast, some of them are insanely fast

Attention points

  • Try all buttons. Electronics are not a specific weak point, but remember that there are many buttons on a S-Class.
  • If you opt for the S350 with the M272 engine built until 2009, the gears that drive the balance shaft where out. The engine will run uneasy and sometimes the ECU will report an engine error. Repairs are costly, sometimes Mercedes compensates you for some of the costs
  • The V8 engine, the M273 engine has the same issue but repairs are less costly.

If you are planning to buy a V6 CDI diesel then check the following points.

  • At a cold start, if you hear a rattle this is an indicator that the distribution chain is stretched. Replace the chain immediately before more engine damage can occur.
  • Oil leakage of the turbo in the inlead manifold will result in the damaging and thus replacement of the inlead manifold.
  • The automatic gearboxes like the 7G tronic are quite reliable, but flushing the gearbox and changing the oil from time to time is recommended.
  • The airmatic airsuspension works great, but is also costly to repair if it goes wrong. The airpump seems to break first, replacement is costly.
  • The supporting arms can produce some sounds, since this is quite a heavy car they have quite a heavy and important task. Keep your ears open for strange noises on speedbumps and less then smooth roads
  • Rust is sometimes still an issue, check for blisters on the paintwork

Thanks for checking out the buying review of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class W221.

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