Buying review Mercedes Benz ML (w164) 2005-2011 Common Issues Engines Inspection

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Hi everyone, thanks for checking out another buying review. Today we will take a look at the second generation Mercedes Benz ML. The internal code for this generation is W164. This generation was built from 2005 until 2011.

As expected you can find many engine options from this generation, there was even a 510 HP strong V8 in the form of an ML63 AMG.

This car is not bought for digging through some dirt but this car does have some terrain technology under its skin. This car is mostly bought for its image, space, comfort and the visibility from the driver’s seat. If you do want to go into the terrain be sure to opt for the 4matic all wheel drive. This car is also made for towing heavy items up to 3,5 tons.

Let’s talk about some second hand statistics;

  • 70% of all bought ML cars are equipped with a diesel engine
  • Leather upholstery and automatic gearbox are standard 
  • Bring at least 20K in euros for a respectable ML

Strong points

  • Comfort, space
  • Towing capable up to 3,5 tons
  • With 4matic this car will feel at home in the terrain

Attention points

  • The bigger the rims and wider tires, the faster they will wear out
  • The ML350 with the M272 engine built until 2009, balance-shaft, distribution chain and the wheels or the gears wear out faster than expected. Repairs are costly.
  • The ML500 with the M273 engine, weaker part is the crankshaft
  • The CDI diesels, weaker part is the camshaft sensor
  • There are reports of oil leakages
  • There are reports of rust at the edges of the doors
  • The airmatic system works like a charm. But due to age it will become brittle, pricy to repair to its original state. DIY will lower these costs big time, but you need to know what you are doing. Internet is a great source for tips & tricks 
  • The 7G tronic gearbox is reliable with the right maintenance, as always flush the gearbox once in a while and replace the oil. This will prevent little problems in shifting to get out of hand and probably prevent them from happening at all.

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