Buying review BMW 1 series (E81-E87-E88) 2004-2011 Common Issues Engines Inspection

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Hello everyone,

Welcome at another car buyers review, today we will look at the BMW 1-serie, the first generation with the internal code E87.
To be able to create this small BMW, the Germans cut off the rear of a 3-series, in the form of the 3-series compact.
The styling and thus the number of sales were not thunderous, so BMW tried to solved this in 2004 by producing a single compact model: the 1-series.

First the 1-series was only available as a five door, after the face lift there appeared a more stylish 3 door.
The coupe and convertible where later repaid by the BMW 2-series. With rearwheel drive, a beautiful chassis and wide variety of engines, this car is still
a good choices for sportive drivers. Especially the 130i and 1M are the types to go for.

Let have a look at what is available when it comes to occasions.

•I found about 900 second hand 1 series generation E87 on a Dutch car website.
•70 of those are convertible, 30 of those are coupes.
•Two thirth of all 1-series has a petrol powered engine
•There are only 5 cars that have a LPG installation
•Automatic gearboxes are rare, less then 15% has a automatic.
•Black, grey en blue are the most common colours
•Prices start at around 5100 euros
•Facelift of the car was at the end of 2007, this was also the introduction of the three door and coupe.
•Convertible came to market in 2008
•After the facelift the car was more efficient, thanks to Efficient Dynamics.

Strong points.

•Dynamic handling
•Interior finishing, you feel its a quality item
•Appearance of the car

Attention points

•Problems with the chain of the N47 diesel engine, the main problem was excessive wear on the distribution chain. If you car had this problem then you could hear a rattling sounds at around 1500 RPM.
 If you kept on driving then the possibility was that you destroyed your whole engine. BMW replaced the chain under warranty, but make sure you check that this recall has been done on your particular car.
 The pre-facelift 118d did not have this problem, this was the M47 engine.
•The ignition coils or injectors gave problems on the four cylinder petrol engines from after the facelift.
•Big upgrade in the interior after the facelift.
•The runflat tired are uncomfortable and sensitive to rut formation, especially on higher speeds
•Pay attention to tollerences in the steering wheel, aspecially in the early production models.
•Standard car stereo satisfies but is not outstanding for people to like to play music loud in their cars
•Be aware of clutch juddering, the cluch of the 118 and 120 diesel, shocks, bucks and vibrates when you link up.
 Not all cars suffer from this, but if you Google search the problem, you will find enough information about it.
 BMW solved the problem with a different clutch and sometimes even other software.
•If you heared a ripping sound at the maximum steering angle, like if a drive belt slips, then the cause of the problem is not always clear.
 Could be caused because of a belt, tensioner, power steering pump or dynamo.
•Fuel pump of the 135i is a weak point, replacement is useally done under warrenty.
•Steeringlock of the car can sometimes cause for some issues.

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