Driving the 2004 Volkwagen Polo 1.4 16v 75hp Highline

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In today’s post we talk about the driving experience of the Volkswagen Polo 9N.

I personally own this car for about 3 years now and driven 80.000 km with the car, for me this is the perfect car for the daily commute. Also it can handle a day’s drive from North to South Europe, it is no problem. The only downside on the German Autobahn is that it is underpowered and the wind noise is getting to you after a while, then again this car was not designed for Europe’s fastest highways. In the Netherlands this car feels right at home with its 1.4 75 HP engine, this particular model has the 4 gear automatic box. The trimlevel is highline, the internal car code is 9N. This model was produced between 2001 and 2005, then the facelift model apeared with the car code 9NR.

The video will give you some information about the driving experience, after that a timelapse of the ringroad of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

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