Buying review Volvo V70 2000-2007 Common Issues Engines Inspection

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Hello and welcome to the buying review of the Volvo V70, one of Hollands most favourite station wagons.
This car is not particular good when it comes to driving but built to last, especially the five cylinder diesels.

In 2000 the second generation V70 was introduced, it was one of Volvo’s most popular station-wagons, when you ask people
about Volvo, this car will most likely be on there minds.

Why is this car so popular ?

A few things come to mind;

Great chairs
This car eats up the miles and can reach astronomical mileages if maintained well

This is not one of the most exiting car on the market, but this car does exactly what it needs to do every day.
This generation was only built with 5 cylinder engines, these underline the premium feel of the car. There was a facelift in 2004 and in 2007 a new thirth generation came to the market.

There are many trim levels, the summon being the top of the line.
The Cross Country is a station-wagon with some terrain capabilities, off cource this is not a range rover.
It offers 4 wheel drive and coupled with the 5 cylinder D5 you have got yourself a small tank.

Great feature of these cars are the ergonomically chairs, you can sit on them for days if needed.

There are a few attention points when buying this type of car;

It is vital that maintenance have been done properly in the past
These cars are pretty reliable but need to maintenance to stay reliable. Business as usall.

Tolerances of the supporting arms on which the wheels are connected.
Automatic gearboxes will sometimes no swift smoothly, they should.
Flushing the gearbox will often improve smoothness and is a great way to do maintenance to your gearbox.
Check if all door locks function properly
Check the gas valve at the gasoline engines, the need to be cleaned regularly
Particle filters for the diesels can become polluted over time
The injectors of the diesel engines might need replacement especially with cars that already have a high mileage.

The v70 is a typical practical Volvo, the kind of car on which their reputation was built.
Now Volvo goes into a different direction with the v90 and other cars within their line up.

There are still plenty of V70’s on our roads, a further testament of the their durability.

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