Buying Review Mercedes Benz A45AMG (W176) 2013-2018 Common Issues Engines Inspection

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Hello everyone,

Welcome at another car buyers review, today we will talk about the Mercedes A45 AMG. This pocket rocket from Mercedes supposed to beat all the competition in one decisive blow.

In today’s video we inspect the car to see if this is a reliable car, and when buying such a car second hand what to look out for. Internal code for the car is W176 and this is the third generation A-class from Mercedes.

The A45 AMG is powered by a 2 liter twin scroll turbo engine that produced 360 hp and 450 NM of torque. 4 matic was standard on these cars which is understandable with this power output.

Power is send to the rear wheels when the front wheel lose traction.
A maximum of 50 precent of the power is send to the rear-tires.

The Mercedes has a 7 speed DCT transmission. This transmission allows for race start which is launch control. This being a hot hatch this means that the chassis and breaks are modified to be able to handle this force.

Think about it, the A45 shifts from 0 to 100 KM/H in 4,6 seconds. Top speed is limited at 250 KM/H which is 155 miles an hour. With the help of tuners the car could be limited at 270 KM/H.

In 2015 the A45 AMG received an update, the car was now good for 381 HP and 475 NM of torque. 0 to 100 KPH was accomplished in 4.2 seconds. At the moment of recording i could see 25 A45’s available online. Prices vary from 36.000 to 80.000 euros. So it is not cheap, not even second hand.

So what are some of the strong points of this car ?

• Its the ultimate hot hatch
• Engine noise and sounds are outstanding even for a 4 cylinder
• Still quite spacious inside for this segment.

Attention points


•If the gearbox from the A45 that is built from before 2015 reacts slowly, does not want to shift smoothly then the update has probably not been applied yet. These symptoms are most likely noticeable when the gearbox is engaged in M-mode. The upgrade of the gearbox can be done at the Mercedes dealer and is recommended.

•There have been problems with the turbos from cars built before February 2014. There where problems with the oil supply to the turbo, internal pollution caused less oil to go to the turbo, this caused the turbo to wear down faster then recommended, this had disastrous effects. Most cars will be checked for these problems by now, most of these turbot’s have been replaced by now.

•The race start function is addictive, but if you use this function frequently, know that this limits the longevity of the gearbox. If the car shakes when driving away, this is a good indication that the gearbox has got internal damage.

•The A45 AMG can use a sip of oil from time to time and this is normal for these engines. Check your oil level regularly.

•Changing the oil has to be done every 20.000 kilometre, keep in mind that the oil of the rear differential should not be forgotten. The oil of the gearbox should be changed every 50.000 kilometre. I know this sounds like plenty, but this is a high performance product, so components need good lubrication. Besides oil is cheaper then new components.

Body and interior

•Cars from before the facelift have sometimes creaks and rattles in the interior, especially when they lived a more violent life.
•The aerodynamics package is recommended, with this package the A45 looks to modest.


• There is a standard chassis and a sport chassis. The sport chassis is pretty stiff, this is perfect for track day use but for long motorway journeys it’s quite exhausting.

Thanks for watching this buyers review of the Mercedes A45, I hope it was useful, if so subscribe to my channel.

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