Buying review BMW 5 Series (E60) 2003-2010 Common Issues Engines Inspection

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Hello everybody welcome at another car buyers review, today we will take a look at the BMW 5-series E60.
This car was built between 2003 and 2010 and was the predeccor to the legendary E39. The E60 was the internal code for the 5-series that was designed by Chris Bengle.

In 2007 there was a facelift for the E60. Talking about face, this car was in terms of styling not very BMW.
The same applies for the 7 series from that era, that was designed by Chris Bengle as well. The sedan has the internal code E60 and the touring or wagon has the internal code E61.

Back to the facelift that was done in 2007, this was a lifecycle improvement. Basically beter gearboxes, interior upgrades and a new frugal diesel, the 520D.

Strong points of the 5-series are:

  • The right mix between space, comfort and sportiness.
  • Lots of engines to choose ranging from the 163 HP diesel 520d until the 507HP V10 M5.
  • There are four, six and eight cylinder engines available and the crown jewel the 5.0 liter V10.

Also the car is known to have good equipment.

Things to look out for when buying the E60.

Good servicehistory is important with every car, but for a BMW it is aspecially important.
Some engines are very reliable but they need good servicing to keep them reliable, preferable at the BMW dealership. The car has complex technology that your local mechanic might not be able to maintain the right way. Some of the cars are equiped with a panoramic sunroof, this is beautiful but there are reports out there that these sunroofs leak. Make sure you check this.


Swirlflaps, the early diesels. These flaps can break off and are then sucked into the engine resulting in engine damage. Just make sure you remove them or check if they are removed already. They dont serve a purpose. Better safe then sorry.

For all diesels, particle filter and turbo’s for highmilage BMW’s.
Go for cars in which both these parts have been replaced already.

Vulnerable parts

The filter and turbo are vulnerable when only driving small distances. Both these components need time to warm up to uptimal temperatures to work. Oil changes are very imported for cars with turbos, also messure oil levels regularly. Its not like these cars are using a lot of oil, but again better be safe then sorry.

Offcource the bigger engines will take a sip of oil once in a while, and BMW recognises this.

Even though it is not something that you should worry about, it is better to also change the oil of the transmission regularly. And once in a while flush out the gearbox to combat potential troubles.

Last issue, electronics. The E60 is not known for many electrical problems, it is however a good idea to check if every button still functions. Thanks for checking out this buyers review of the BMW e60, I hope it was useful for you. If so, subscribe to my channel. See you next time.

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