Buyers review Volkswagen Golf R MK6 2009-2013 Common Issues Engines Inspection

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Hello everyone, welcome at the buyers review of the Golf R based on the Golf generation 6. In this video we will discuss the strong and weaker points of the Golf R. This car had to be good enough to impress the vw fans after the Volkswagen ditched the 3.2 V6 of the iconic R32.

But this car is sort kind of icon in the making.

Yes the Golf lost two of its cylinders, but the 2 liter inline 4 is faster on the road, also it is more nimble since there is less weight on the front axle.

The 6th generation of the Golf was more of a big facelift of the 5th generation. The 6th generation came to the market in  2008 and was built until 2013. The golf R itself was unveiled in september 2009.

The Golf is powered by a 2.0 liter FSI engine, this is a turbocharged inline four cylinder engine that produced 270 HP and 350 NM. 0 to 100 KM/H is done in 5,5 seconds with the DSG and in 5,7 seconds with the manual transmission.

So yes, it is defenately a fast car.

The car is available as a three door and as a five door but also as a convertible.

Priceses for a used Golf R in good shape are about 20 to 30.000 euro’s.

Alternatives for this Golf R, think about the Audi S3, the subaru impreza or with Golf GTI.

Let’s focus on the points you should check before buying such a car.


• A vibrating clutch (or power train) when starting from a standstill may be a defective dual mass flywheel. Replaced this part by an original or by a more solid flywheel.

  • • The six-speed DSG is relatively reliable, but must operate smooth and tidy. The engines are likely to use a sip of oil from time to time, so check the oil level regularly.
  • The engine of the Golf R has a timing belt instead of a timing chain. So check for the timing belt issues that are known with the TSI engine, like for instance a rattle when starting a cold engine. If so replacet he belt immediatly, otherwise you risk serious engine damage.
  • The carter ventilation is a weaker part when you tune your Golf R
  • Early models of the Golf R might have troubles with the Haldex four wheel system. Best way to test this is to go full trottle in a lower gear, when there is wheelspin this is a good indicator that the four wheel system is defective.

Body and interior

  • It is important to check if the Golf have had some repairs in the past and if so if these repairs have been proffesional. This is quite a capable car, but there is more risk of damage since this car invites you to drive it hard
  • The drainage of the doors could be a problem. But this is easy to fix by cleaning them off leafes and other dirt so that the way will find its way trough the drainage holes
  • The interior of the car is quite decent, so if this does not look that fresh no more you know that the car have had a hard life, this should trigger you to do a further inspection or walk away.


  • A chassis that makes a lot of cracking noises is usally caused by worn out steering balls. If this part is worn out it could also lead to a somewhat vague steering feel.


  • The navigation system is very popular by your local thug dressed in black that usally runs away from noise and flashlights. VW also made a special lock to make sure the system stays connected tot he car itself, the Navilock.
  • Other electronical gadgets are not a weak point of this car but make sure they function the way they should. Think electrical seats, mirrors, heated seats, airconditioning, navigation etc.

Thank you for watching this buyers review of the Golf Mk6 R, if you think this is useful subscribe to my channel for future buyers reviews.

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