2016 Range Rover HSE Vogue 3.0 TDV6 review

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Today I get to review a very special car, well car, to me this is more like a private airplane on wheels. We look at the Range Rover Vogue from 2016.

What kind of car is this ?

This is the type of car that makes you drive through the mud in style, and also lets you pull up at the annual shareholders meeting fully rested.
This Range Rover will meet its owner very soon, I am was in the lucky position to make a video of this car just before it got sold. It does not happen every day I get to make a video about a car that costs more then 100.000 in euro’s, so let’s get started.
This car is a do it all, go fast on the highway or explorer the mountains. It depends on what you want that day and where you are.

Introduction to the market in 2013

This car came to the market in 2013, it was presented to the public in New York. The specific number of this generation is L494.

Engine and preformance

Under the hood we find a 3 liter v6 diesel engine, that is boosted by a twin turbo. The car has 258 horsepower, but this car has a performance package from Proline Engineering. This company is located in Almere, the Netherlands. At the moment the engine has 300 horsepower and more torques.
The performance package helps to get the most out of this engine when it comes to performance, torque, and makes the engine more efficient.
This car is big, fast and has tons of space, what a fantastic car.
The design of this car is very well done, the previous generation was not that beautiful in my opinion, this generation is spot-on.

Evoque styling

Range Rover calls this Evoque styling.
By the way, the luxury brand of Land Rover is called Range Rover.
Back to the car.


This car is equipped with an all terrain modus, with this you can lock up all the various differentials for in the field. It has an automatic transmission and it has a hologram under the mirrors to light up the area around the car to find it back when it is night-time.
This car weights around 2100 kilo, that is quite an improvement over the last generation since that generation was heavier. This car has an all aluminium shell, this reduces weight and makes sure you can have more fun in the corners and this benefits the driving experiences over all.

It will never come a sport scar but it is a big improvement over the last generation Range Rover.
If you hit the throttle you get an instant response, which is great for such a big and heavy car.

Specification for this particular car are;

  • Aruba Premium Metalica Paint
  • Black Leather multifunctional steering wheel
  • Preheated steering wheel
  • Preheated and pre-ventilated seats
  • Black interior
  • Black sealing without the usual panoramic roof
  • Elektronic hatsch closement
  • Traffic sign recognizement
  • Blind spot detection system
  • Parking sensors

Competition ?

Also this car is equipped with a s system to select your driving modus like Mercedes, BMW and Audi, this lets you select comfort, sport or dynamic driving capabilities. When you select sport mode, the gas pedal responds quicker to your gas responds.

When you select comfort then you can comfortably cruize over the highway in piece, enjoying the torques from the Engine, there is almost no sound in the interior, the car is wel insulted from Engine and tire noises.
If for instance the 3 liter v6 diesel engine with 300 horsepower is not even for you, then the 8 speed automatic completes the overwelming feeling of driving with the car. You don’t even notice the gear changes, it goes buttery smooth and effortless. This is the type of car to drive from Holland to North Italy in 10 hours and arrive there rested.
The chairs in this car are made of black leather, the offer great support on the back and the sides of the chairs, they are heated and ventilated and adjustable in every way you can imagine.
This car has 21 inch rims, they look sporty. You can always fit bigger rims but that will affect the comfort level of the car negatively. Stick with the 21 inch rims and you are good to go.

Who would buy such a car ?

Well if you ask me, somebody that want to be king of the road, who want to have the best vantage point on the traffic situation and for the owners of a private jet that was in maintenance that day.
This is just a very exclusive car, and I think it can be in the same luxery segment of the market as the Mercedes s-class, BMW 7 series and the Audi A8. This is just a SUV limousine.
When you look at the dash, you get all the information you need as a driver, you are basically staring at a big TFT screen.
It has many electronic gadgets you will find on other luxery cars as well.
To sum this car up, it has enough power, space and luxery on board to make every drive a small adventure. I am glad that cars like this are still being made and more importantly still being sold.
This car is the perfect example that engineers can make a chassis that functions well in the concrete jungle as well as in the terrain.
Thanks for watching this video and as always we hope to see you again next time.

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