2015 BMW 218i Active Tourer M Sport Buyers Review

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Hello everyone, welcome to my video. Today I will review the 2015 BMW 2 series active tourer. A new philosophy for BMW.

This 2 series has the internal code F45. This is the 218i version with a straight 3 cylinder engine and a twin scroll turbocharger producing 134 HP.
This BMW is actually front wheel drive, so it is missing some of its original ingredients that normally makes BMW’s great driving machines. But does that makes this car less of a BMW ?

Keep on looking and you will know.

Of Course it is still beautifully balanced and probably still the most sportive driving cars in its class. At BMW they know what it takes to make a car drive well, feel planted on the autobahn and attack the corners with much confidence.
This car is no different.

Even though this particular car has the entry level gasoline engine, the 3 cylinder engine already produces 134 HP. Granted it is pushed forward with a twin-turbo.
This particular model has the BMW M-package giving it a much nicer exterior and interior.

Normally I am not into MPV cars, but this car does looks good in my eyes. It is in the same range of cars as the Mercedes B-class or Ford C-max, and much of the BMW is identical to the MINI countryman in terms of its technical components. (insert pic of MINI countryman)

Getting back to the engine, this is the 218i with a straight 3 cylinder engine, with the loss of one cylinder BMW added a twinscroll turbo. Twin-scroll or divided turbochargers have two exhaust gas inlets and two nozzles, a smaller sharper angled one for quick response and a larger less angled one for peak performance.

The BMW 2 series active tourer is on the market since 2014, it is both produced in Leipzig Germany and in ShenYang in China.
This particular car has the M-package, so it is not an BMW M product in terms of performance, this package makes the interior and exterior of the car more desirable. Actually it’s only physical tuning. But it creates a much better looking car compared to the standard 2 series.

The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer M Sport Package includes, M Aerodynamics package, M Sport suspension, 17 or 18-inch M light-alloy wheels, M leather steering wheel. M manual gearbox.

Say what you like about the car, but it offers a good visibility off the road since you are sitting higher then you would expect from a BMW, the interior is really driver orientated as well. Everything is ergonomically laid out, and you will feel right at home in the cockpit of this car.

This car still has the classic BMW gauges and I think they are classic and easy to read from.

Also this car has iDrive and navigation, basically all you ever need. It also offers a head-up display that shows you the traffic signs and your current speed.
The materials that are used are off high quality and I think its designers had very good eye for details. You get a feeling everything is build to last. To start the engine, you press the start button.
This car is big enough to carry four adults and luggage, because of its design it offers a lot more space inside of the car then you would expect. On the outside it looks quite compact to be honest, but with the higher rooflines, the engineers were able to create a lot of space on the interior of the car.

This car is nice, and still desirable, but I can’t deny the fact it is probably bought mostly by people in their 50’s. Or people with money that want a second car for the family driven mostly by successful woman.
And part of the reason why it is popular is its badge.
BMW is still a very desirable car and has a reputation for building great steering cars.

Questions remains; is the BMW 2 series a good car and worthy of carrying the BMW badge ?

Yes the car drives well because of the balance in its chassis, but it does not drive like an rear wheel driving BMW, in other words it will not drive like the BMW’s you used too before. Or anything that you would expect.

Does that make it a bad car ?

No, not at all. Again it is not a terrible steering car, it’s probably the best steering car in its class, but it does not ride like a rear wheel drive BMW. If you are looking for that same engagement then this is not the car for you. If you are looking for a practical and rather exclusive MPV, that offers fun while driving, need to carry luggage and people around, and you like a premium car, then this is the car for you.

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