Buying review Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W213) 2017-Present Common Issues Engines Inspection

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Hello everyone, thanks for viewing another buyers review, I am slowly running out of Mercedes models to review, that being said, a few will still be reviewed this year, in the meantime I will present you some livestreams. Now, let’s focus on the Mercedes E-Class, the fifth generation with the internal code W213. The car was launched in 2017 and on the moment of recording is still being built.

The E-Class is Mercedes bread and butter car, it has everything the brand stands for. Its a comfortable long distance cruiser, its the choice for many cab drivers here in Europe. This is a testimony to the durability and longevity of the engine, interior and that in the basis this is a quality peace of engineering.

This generation is only on the market for the last four year, for the people that want a young second hand Benz, and prefer the E-Class, this is the video for you.

This generation saw the transition from inline 6 diesels to v6 diesels, also a few four cylinder diesels and petrols where introduced. These engines where mainly built to comply with emission regulations. Not to say that these engines are bad, but complying with rules always means you leave some options on the table as an engineer.

This generation was mainly focussed on China and the United States in terms of engines and styling. I know that styling is a personal matter, I do not care to much about its appearance. I just know in the basis its the best in its class since all other manufacturers have to comply with the same rules.

What makes this car great is the fact you can drive it coast to coast and you will be rested when you get out. Comfort is the only synonym when talking about the E-Class. Sportive driving is foreign to the E-Class. This car was built for hundreds of miles of flat autobahn.

Lets move on to the weaker parts of the W213 generation;

Before I start this section of the review I have got to mention to do a proper pre-buyers inspection at a independent dealer. Yes it will cost you something, but at least you got a good idea of what you are about to buy. There are many stories of people buying this car and driving many miles for about 2-3 years, then adjust to odometer and sell it again. Than you get a relatively young car with much more miles than you expect. This is not the worst that can happen, the engines will last, but it is easy to get ripped off, so a full service documentation is key.

Weak points;

  • Paint
  • Panel Gaps
  • Electrical issues, ECU related sometimes
  • Engine software management may result in power loss, software update available
  • Air ride remains a beautiful but vulnerable system
  • Early production models seem to have more problems, this is just unfortunate
  • Sometimes the MB command system is slow
  • Some early models experience brake judder
  • The thrust link bushing crack
  • Sticking air pump relays
  • Differential leaks
  • Low break pressure

Apart from your budget, it is still quite expensive to buy this last generation E-Class. Maybe a well sorted out W212 will serve you fine. Style is taste sensitive so I will not go there. This E-Class is mostly a big improvement in terms of technology compared to the older generation. Duh. Pretty obvious exactly. All and all I think it is a fine car, if your budget lets you have it, stay away from the earlier production years of the W213 generation. A well documented W212 model will still serve you right as well.

Competition from this car mainly comes out of Germany itself, think about the BMW 5-series G30 generation, the Audi A6 C7 or C8. The British got the Jaguar XF which is definitely on the more sportive side.

This car is still being produced, but since it’s already on the market for four years, I decided to make a video based on the data that is available at this very moment. To summarise the car, its not top of its class when it comes to reliability but it is definitely a good car to drive long distance in great comfort with many nice technologies to enjoy. Prices are expected to go down fast after the next generation enters the stage.

Thanks for watching this buyers review of the current generation E-Class, if you still have any questions of remarks, leave them in the comments under this video. I make monthly buyers reviews of desirable cars, if you want to stay updated with the latest and greatest videos, please hit subscribe. Thanks for watching.

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