Buying review Mercedes-Benz CLS (W219) 2005-2011 Common Issues Engines Inspection

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Hi everyone, we are back with another car buying review, as I can see you guys like buying reviews of Mercedes the best, so with no further ado we will take you on an inspection of the Mercedes Benz CLS, internal code W219.

This car was built between 2005 and 2011, personally I like this car a lot. It is very stylish and very comfortable. When it was introduced back in 2005 it was one of a kind, before the 6 series of BMW or A7 from Audi.

Based on the E-class chassis of the time, this car is at the core of the Mercedes-Benz. On the basis it is a four door coupe based on the W211 E-class. Difference is that the CLS was only available with 6 cylinders and 8 cylinder engines. Reliability wise this CLS seems to be more reliable then the W211 E-class. 

Probably because early gremlins of the E-class were fixed by the time this CLS was introduced.

2008 saw the introduction of a facelift and a few new engines, most desirable the AMG models of course, the CLS 55AMG had a v8 compressor engine and the CLS 63 AMG had the 6,2 liter 8 cylinder. Do not pick these engines if you want to hold on to your cash, they are quite thirsty but give you huge performance and luxury back in return.

Now for the reason you all watch the video, issues with the CLS.

Make sure to check all buttons and all electric options, cars like these are full of electronics so make sure you check them all if they function.

The CLS350 with the M272 engine built until 2009, the gears of the balance shaft can split. You notice that the engine will not run smooth anymore and you will probably get noticed with a check engine light. Repairs are costly, sometimes Mercedes will offer leniency. 

The electric windows in the front will sometimes crack and make squeaking noises or will not function at all, so test this before buying.

The automatic gearbox like for instance the 7G tronic is pretty reliable but it will not hurt if you flush the gearbox once in a while, also check if the previous owner did this already. It can help better shift times and extend the longevity of the gearbox.

The airmatic air ride is fantastic when it is brand new, however it is a weaker part of many Mercedes cars, after a while some of the shocks can leak and the car will be not leveled no more, repairs are pricey for original parts, you can best put normal shocks in the car with a spring, that will eliminate the problem for now and in the future.

For the v6 CDI diesel, if you hear a rattle at a cold start, this will hint at a worn chain, timing chain to be precise. Replace this part as soon as possible to prevent more engine damage. Also the v6 CDI can have an oil leakage in the inlet manifold of the turbocharger. Check for oil leaks around the turbo and replace the manifold timely.

Thanks for checking this buyers review and keep you eye on this site or my youtube channel for me buying reviews.

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