Buying review Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2014-2021 Common Issues Engines Inspection

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Welcome at another buyers review, this time of the C-class with internal code W205, this car was built between 2014 and 2021, it was basically the 5th generation C-Class. Recently the new C-Class was launched, so this is the perfect opportunity to check out the last generation. In this video we will discuss reliability, engines, and some of the issues you can expect or at-least need to know about when buying this car.

In the basis this W205 is a huge facelift based on the predecessor W204 model. The C-class was styled to look like a small S-Class. It is in my opinion the most luxury in this range. The W205 is lighter than the W204 since Mercedes used a aluminium-steel hybrid construction. The loss of weight resulted in the car being more efficient. Competition for this car comes from BMW with the 3-series, Audi with the A4, Luxus with the IS. Also for this generation C-Class its the benchmark for comfortable driving without being vage. The 3-series is definitely more dynamic, but already more comfortable than its predecessor. The Audi A4 is more middle of the road. We also have to mention the Jaguar XE. This car is also on the sportive side.

When this car was introduced there where two engine choices when it came to petrol.

The C300 had a 2 liter direct injection turbocharged inline 4 with 241 HP that was connected to a 7 speed automatic with paddle shifters. The C400 had a 3 liter direct injection bi-turbo V6 that made 329 HP that was also connected to the 7G tronic and 4matic all-wheel drive. Both cars came out in the sedan body shape.

This C-Class also came as a wagon and a convertible. As you can expect from a premium car, the car is full of electronical gadgets, to name a few, nine airbags, ESP, traffic sign assist, speed limit assist, collision prevention assist etc. These cars are still relatively new, so for the near future I do not see any trouble with electronical gremlins.

Engines from Mercedes are usually masterpieces, this generation already had to deal with measurements to keep the CO2 levels down. This resulted in smaller displacement engines with turbo’s. This is kind of the traditional route many manufacturers take. Power output is still quite remarkable if you ask me. The long run has to decide if these engines are capable of reaching half a million or more miles. Also Mercedes added a few hybrids to the range, like for instance the C350e plugin hybrid, this car still offers quite some performance, 275 horses. If you like bigger and smoother engines, look for the W204 generation, but to be honest, the inline 4 cylinder with the turbo from Mercedes is more efficient and sometimes even more powerful. Good job Mercedes.

Engine choices for the W205 range from the C300 to the C63 AMG S model, the C-Class has mainly inline 4 cylinder engines for sales, it has 1 V6 in the C43 4 matic and two v8’s in the C63 and C63 S model.

This is what we know now about the reliability of the W205 so far;

And before we get into that, please, if you are in the market to buy such a young Mercedes, do an independent inspection on the car, it might cost you some money, but I am sure it will save you a lot in the end. So do a test drive and do an independent inspection, take a day off, be with you Benz, test it, inspect it and then make a well informed decision. On the some of the weaker points.

Most of the problems seem to concentrate in the steering and airbag systems, not very important you might think, but these are quite crucial for a safe car, check if the car that you want to purchase already had a recall and if not, negotiate with the seller. Engine wise you want to check for leaks and get a proper full maintenance history on the engine. The M247 engine from Mercedes which is the 1.6 or 2.0 liter inline four cylinder from Mercedes the PVC breather system seems to be a weaker part, know you, apart from being a bulletproof engine. For most of the rest of the engine lineup, maintenance is key. Proper filter changes, oil changes, use premium fuel for the high performance engines.

It will not be cheap to run, I expect prices to go down in the next couple of months. This is a high tech Mercedes from the 21th century. I love the brand but they don’t make ’em like they used to.

Again we are looking at the best in the range, inline 4 cylinders with a turbo, quite powerfull, economical, full of gadgets and still looking like a baby S-Class.

While doing an independent check, closely inspect the spark plugs, check the turbo, the turbo needs to proper oil and cooling to last, these are some of the weaker points in turbocharged engines. Check for coolant leaks under the hood. If you go for the airmatic equipped vehicles, you probably have to replace parts about 70 to 80.000 miles. If it was my money I would opt for traditional springs. I am sure the air-ride drives sublime but is also a weaker point of the car as it has been for decades, no improvements there from Mercedes.

Last but not least, if you go for the powerful AMG models, beware of using quite some tires. If you drive the car hard and use its performance, tires will last sometimes only 7000 miles. And you need some premium rubber to get the best driving experience. Keep this in mind. With great power comes great financial responsibility.

Thanks for watching another car buyers review, the C-Class made this channel big, this is my thank you video to each and all of you out there, be safe and have a great day.

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