Today we will reach 10K subs on Youtube

Saturday 11 september 2021, 20 years after the collapse of the twin-towers, what a day.

I knew the day would come that we finally reach 10K in subscribers, I knew based on the stats that it would be somewhere in early fall of 2021, well today is the day. 10.000 people subscribed to my channel, most of which in the last 4 years, my channel was created in late 2008 and for a few years I barely uploaded anything or received any views.

Currently we are at about 80K in views each month, this number goes up in fall and winter and around 180 people subscribe to my channel each month.

To each and all of you I want to thank you for sticking around, place comments on my videos. Stick around for another round, next year we will move on to the BMW, Audi brands and document these cars as well.

I am not planning to retire any time soon.

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