2020 Mercedes-Benz A180 (W177) Advantage POV review

Hi everyone, we are back with another POV video review, this time of the Mercedes-Benz A-class, this particular model is the A180 from the model year 2020. 

The car you see has the internal code of W177 and is built from april of 2018 until the present time.

When you buy this car it will come with a 1,3 liter 4 cylinder engine that produces 136 HP and 200 NM of torque. The car should be able to reach 215 KM/H which is its claimed topspeed. 

It’s a 5 door hatchback and this car costs 40.094 euro in this specification, it has a few optional extras like a rearview camera, navigation system, lane keep assist, cruise control and very modern 7 speed, this is the perfect companion for your trips in the city and mostly on the highway.

The engine code of the 1.3 liter 4 cylinder is the M282 and Mercedes has produced this engine in conjunction with Renault since 2018.

The M282 was developed with Renault as part of Daimler’s collaboration with the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance. The M282 shares the same design with the Renault H5Ht engine, with a DOHC and direct injection. The M282 is also the first Mercedes inline-four engine to feature cylinder deactivation (on the second and third cylinders) 

The car weights 1265 KG and this car is positioned in the C-segment of the market.

When I drove the car, the thing that surprised me the most was the feeling you get when driving it. The car has good seats and is easy to adjust to your favorite driving position. The 7 speed automatic gearbox does its job silently and shifts are quick. It has everything you need in a car of this class. 

Yes you can buy cheaper cars, but if the sense of quality and the ride comfort is important to you this is just a great car to be in.

Yes its a Mercedes but it is in no way shape or form pretentious. I feel that’s a big plus. And thank you Mercedes-Benz for not going the 3 cylinder route. Yes the engine is not sounding fantastic with its 1,3 liters and turbo, but at least there is not the budget buzz you are getting from most 3 cylinders.

Claimed consumption figures, 5.2 liters on 100 KM on a mixture of roads. Well if 6 liters is possible we will not curse at it.

And yes it is not a die-hard 100% Mercedes engine, but since the Japanese are also involved I feel you get the best of both worlds.

Hopefully I can compare the A-Class soon with a BMW 118i and give you more insights between the two German rivals.

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