2008 Suzuki Swift 1.3 Shogun POV DRIVING

Hi everyone, today another point of view from the 2008 Suzuki Swift with the 1.3 inline 4 cylinder engine.
This car is lightweight with its 965 KG and its engine produces 92 HP and 116 NW of torque.
First video to test out my GoPro so I am excited to show you the results. Heard and saw great things about the GoPro.

If you are interested in buying a Suzuki Swift, make sure you go for the Shogun models.
These are built in Japan instead of Eastern Europe, apparently there are some quality differences between the two factories.
The once’s that where built in Japan had the antenna at the rear of the roof, the once’s from Hungary had the antenna at the front of the roof.

These cars make a perfect first car and they are great for inside the city.
Pricewise they are not that expensive in 2020. They are also quite frugal on longer journeys.
Road tax and insurance are not a big deal either.

American viewers will probably think this car is too small, but because of its tall shape you will still be able to transport 4 adults and some luggage if needed.

The road noise on the highway is what makes longer motorway journeys tiring, it is clearly designed for the city.
That being said, cruising at 140 KMH should not be a problem.

The acceleration is a nice surprise, it is definitely fun to drive and that is always a big plus for me.

Enjoy the drive!

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