Casio G-Steel GST-W300-1AER review

Hello everybody,

Today a different video then what you are used to, today i will review a watch. Watch reviews are actually how I started on YouTube. I think watches and cars go hand in hand. Don’t worry I won’t stop with the buying reviews, this is just a video in between buying reviews simply because i had no time to gather footage and do research on a particular car.

Back to the watch, this is a Casio G shock from the G-steel series. Particular article number for this watch is GST-W300-1AER. Bought this watch new for 180 euro last year.

I am a big fan of Casio watches, especially the G-shock series. They are built as a tank and offer lots of great features for its price. The reason i picked this watch is mainly because of its looks and the fact it is solar powered in combination with the multi-band 6 time calibration functionality. I like to see this watch as a system, it takes care of its own power supply and calibrates the time every night. This is particularly handy when you travel to different continents, it will adjust the time automatically if you selected the correct world city, it will also adjust the time automatically according to daylight saving time. This will make the watch very accurate no matter where you are.

Lets go over some of the features, next to standard time keeping this watch lets you know the date, the day of the week, worldtime, it has a stopwatch, it has a countdown timer and you can setup 5 daily alarms. Pretty standard functionality for a Casio.

On the homescreen of the watch you find a battery indicator at the six o’clock position. This will tell you how much battery you have left. I recently wore it in the sun for about half a day and the battery indicator went from medium to high. If you where this watch outside from time to time it will have sufficient energy to function correctly. It will even charge under artificial lighting, but the sun will make it charge way faster.

I had a few G-shocks already, but this is the most comfortable, since I work behind a computer I like the resin strap, there will be no scratches on it. The strap also reduced the weight of the watch. G-shocks in particular can be quite bulky watches, this one if not too big, it is in a sweet spot of its own. At the moment I own 1 G-shock and 1 protrek, both great watches in their own respective marketplace. The protrek is really and outside hiking watch where the G-shock is just a very reliable Casio watch that can take quite some beating. I wouldn’t call it a dress watch but you can definitely wear this G-shock under your suite if you have to. The protrek is also solar powered, has a compass, barometer and altimeter but lacks the multi-band functionality. The protrek is also about 100 euros more expensive, believe it or not. Oh yeah, this g-steel watch is up to 200 meters water resistant, if you go diving this watch can handle it.

The watch comes in a grey-black box, with an international warranty card, user guide.

Thanks for watching this review, i would recommend this watch to anybody that wants a G-shock that has a little more style then what you normally get, if you want a stylish multiband solar powered watch look no further. I you need more functionality look to more expensive watches in the G-steel series or go for a traditional G-shock like the mudman or frogman line up. These traditional G-shocks are also used by the armed forces. Expect to have quite a bulky watch on your wirst. If you have small wrists, check out this watch in real life before buying on.

Thanks for watching I am out.

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