Hello everyone,

At KLB productions we have always been busy with either music or video productions. Since about a year I started making car buying reviews that are based on my own experience and research. My fascination for cars started at an early age, in my opinion it was a logical step to start making these car reviews, and since I did my channel grew and so did the number of viewers.


I have an idea in my mind and I want to let you guys know about it here on my website. I have an idea to start an European car trading company/service. Since most of my viewers are from the United States, this will be the market I will focus on. With the election of president Trump and the import taxes on European cars this might be a challenge, but life is nothing without a challenge.

The plan is to get your requirements for a European car by mail or trough this website, I will search a car for you or contact the seller of the car that you have seen. Do a technical inspection of the car, get the paperwork in order and put it on the boat in Rotterdam. I am from the Netherlands, this means I live close to Germany and the Netherlands has the biggest harbour in Europe. Two perfect ingredients.


First I want to put this plan under your attention, get some feedback from all of you and see how far we can realise this project. Want I need to find out is a trustworthy method of payment, do some research about the paperwork and how the import/export of cars work.

I am curious at first if there is some interest in this at all. Maybe it will only works for certain cars that where never available in the United States in the first place. Maybe we can have a meeting on Skype or another way to get acquainted. After all we live in a time where it is so easy to connect to anywhere in the world. Let me know what you think.

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