Casio Pro Trek PRG 240 1-ER

Welcome at another watch review, this will be the last watch review for a while. Nowadays I make car reviews on this channel, but this watch is special and deserves a review.

About this watch

This is Casio Pro Trek PRG 240 1-ER .This watch is from the pro trek series, back in the day the Pro Trek series was called the pathfinder line-up of watches from Casio. These watches are for the outdoor hiking people.

Launched in 2010

This particular watch was launched in September 2010 by Casio. The product name for this watch is PAG-240-1B, this is a mid-range Pro Trek  from Casio. Alright, first off some basic information about this watch.

At 65 grams it is quite a light watch on the wrist, if it was not for its size you would not know there would be a watch on your wrists, it is that light.

It is solar powered and has an ABC sensor, with stands for altimeter, barometer and compass. Next to that it can read the outdoor temperature in Celsius of Fahrenheit  It has a sunrise and sunset timer, countdown timer, world time, auto back light, and a duplex LCD screen. It lacks the radio sync feature but that is not really a loss, this movement holds and accuracy of plus minus 15 seconds a month. So not really a loss there on term of accuracy.

Some key functions of this watch are.

It is a solar powered watch.
It offers a full duplex LCD screen to display multiple layers on top of each other.
It’s barometer can read measurements between 260 and 1100 hPa.
The build in temperature can messure between -10 to plus 60 degrees Celsius.
The altimeter can messsure up to heights off 10.000 meter
With the altimeter you can track climbing and descending over your total hike. Ideal for people that climb mountains.
Also it offers a sunrise and sunset time giving the geographical location and date.
The usal digital tools are in place with a stopwatch, countdown timer and 5 daily alarms.
It has mineral glass and a resin case and trap.

As I said this watch if for outdoor enthusiast, i absolutely like the compass function when i am on my mountain bike taking a long trip. Sometimes you do not know where you are going but you see a town name and you know you need to go South of North, the Compass helps you in a big way to find the right direction. Even in this age of smartphones and mobile data.

Let get into the functions of this watch.

The duplex LCD screen allows you to have multiple LCD screens on top off each.
When we active the compass, we get the compass reader, the matrix screen gives you the heading of the direction that you are walking into, great for outdoor hiking, it quite simple to use.

The barometer gives you a quick overview of the reading of the temperature and the barometric pressure in your area, this allows you to tell if it is going to rain or if the sun is going to shine.

Then we go into the altimeter, this sensor reads the heights and is perfect when you go hiking in the mountains. It can record if you are climbing or descending on a journey. Great and pretty accurate tool to have. I am a big fan of Casio watches, they offer so much watch for a reasonable price.

Prices in 2016 are a little over 200 euro’s in Europe, and about 110 pound or 288 USD on eBay.


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