Luminox Blackops dive watch modelnr 8415

Today we take a look at the Luminox Blackops dive watch modelnr 8415.

This dive watch from Luminox is one of the finest watches I have owned so far, not because it is a fancy watch but because it is a life companion. I take it mountainbiking, swimming and to fitness and it does not skip a beat. It can be summed up by the following words, accurate, durable, visible and stealthy.

If I could only own 1 watch I would take a long look at the Luminox Blackops dive watch. Some of the features i love about this watch is the luminosity at night, because of tritium gas tubes this watch can give light in the darkness constantly for about 25 years in length. Also it has a special made case with PVC coating that is scratch resistant, trust me I accidently scratched this watch on a metal plate on the bed of my bed… and there was not a scratch on the side of the watch. The case is prepared with the coating and then put in the oven where it is baked on a high temperature. Also this watch has a Swiss made movement, the Ronda 715 HH6 movement is extremely accurate and durable.

Many professional divers as police forces and even the military uses this watch, it is extremely rugged.

The H3 light system is based on a chemical reaction from within the gastubes, it has been patented by Luminox. The glow will slowly fade away over time, but it needs atleast 25 years to do that.

The strap of the watch is very comfortable and also very strong.


Diameter: 44mm
Crystal: Mineral
Water Resistance: 200 Meters
Bezel: 316L steel PVD black, rotating
Movement: Ronda 715 HH6
Battery Life: 50 months
Illumination: 1-11 green, 12 orange, H/M Hand green
Warranty: Two Year International Warranty
Series: Luminox 8400 Navy Seal / F-117 Series
Default Band: Luminox FP.L.IRB Black Rubber Band

Also the watch itself does not look like a timepiece that would cost you more than 300 euro’s here in the Netherlands. It is quite stealthy that way, it is made of very durable and costly materials, it has a Swiss made movement, to be honest not the most sophisticated movement, but absolutely durable and accurate. Exactly what you want in a military diver watch. Hope you like the video. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below the video or in this blogpost. See you next time on this blog.

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