Fortis 1940s Vintage Mens Watch

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Today a review of the 1940’s Fortis Mens Watch. This vintage watch is over 70 years old and has some real authentic style. Fortis is a watchmaker based in Grenchen, Switzerland that was founded by Walter Vogt in 1912.

Video review of the Fortis 1940s Vintage Mens Watch.

Twelve years after its establishment, Vogt set up production with John Harwood, inventor of the automatic wristwatch. In 1926, Fortis released the patented Harwood Automatic, the first self-winding wristwatch at Baselword. In 1937, Fortis commemorated the company’s 25th anniversary by manufacturing and marketing their first chronographs, including the Rolls and the Autorist. The Autorist was also designed by John Harwood, and it used the movement of the strap to power the watch. By 1943 Fortis was introducing the world’s first waterproof watches with the Fortissimo models, which were increasingly popular.

In 1962 the legendary Spacematic Automatic was constructed to hold up in extreme conditions and temperature changes. The watch was tested by the seven members of an US space mission. In 1994 Fortis introduced strict endurance tests. This same year the Star City Training Center chose the Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph as part of their Official Cosmonauts’ equipment. Fortis Automatic wristwatches have proven their space capability inside and outside of the protection of the space station.[1] Since 1994 Fortis has been the exclusive supplier of manned space missions authorized by the Russian Federal Space Agency.[citation needed] In 1997 the same watch, the Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph, became the official watch of the German-Russian space mission MIR 97.

In 2012, during its 100th anniversary celebration, Fortis launched the Spacematic – Limitited Edition, in small number of 2012 pieces.

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