Setup PfSense on old hardware

Hardware video about setting up Pfsense on your old desktop.
Pfsense is an open source router, firewall, ips, ids solution for those that want to protect their homenetwork to all threaths from the internet. Pfsense does not need to many resources, so if you have an old PC that is not used anymore, it be the perfect way to start.

Althoug there are a couple of things you should look at for, I will explain that in the video.

If you like more in depth video’s information about the various features of PfSense, I suggest you check out more articles on my own blog or head over to the Pfsense Forum.

Bassically it is important to have enough system memmory and a dual-core CPU. Strip your old computer from all unnecessary hardware such as graphics cards or USB / bluetooth-ports since you don’t need them and all they do is consumer extra energy. The trick is to get the energy consumption of your machine as low as possible.

My previous machine was an old Dell pc with an pentium 4 processor, this was not the most energy friendly solution in the world but it did the trick for about 3 years straight. After the computer gave up on me after about 3 years of use, 7 years of normal use before that, I decide to give up my old gaming rig and dedicate it to be my PfSense machine. Now I use a dual-core AMD (5000+) and about 5 GB DDR3. This is a perfect combination, and since I did not use the old hardware anymore, it has gotten a perfect second life in the form of my new Pfsense router.

I swapped the previouw quad-core for a dual-core and bought a new dual port NIC server card.

I think PfSense is a great package, if you only want a firewall and lower system requirements I would check out m0n0wall instead of PfSense. It depends on what you want and what kind of hardware you want to use for the job.

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