Philips PRO Precision HC9490 review

Hardware review of the Philips PRO Precision HC9490 hairclipper.

The Hair Clipper Series 9000 provides you with complete precision and control over your hairstyle. With precision wheel motorized combs, memory and a powerful cutting tool is the only clipper which always gives the expected results.

– User interface with precision wheel

– 400 lockable length settings

– Titanium Blades

Ultimate precision and control

– User interface with precision wheel

– 400 easily selectable and lockable length settings: 0.5 mm – 42 mm

– Adjustable combing for the best cutting results


– Self-sharpening titanium blades for extra durability

– Motorized combs for easy length determination

– The extra durable ProMotor provides more power trim

– Double-cut cutter cuts two times faster

– Auto Turbo for a high cutting speed

– 2 year warranty

Shaving System

– Blade width: 41 mm

– Cutting element: Titanium Blades

– Number of length settings: 400

– Precision (size of steps): Per 0.1 mm

– Range of length settings: From 0.5 to 42 mm

– Length Selection: Motorized combs, Precision Wheel


– Accessories: 3 combs

– Pouch: Yes

– Station: Charger

Ease of Use

– Cleaning: Removable cutting element

– Maintenance Free: No oil needed

– Memory: Yes

– Power System

– Engine: Turbo Car, ProMotor

– Battery Type: Li-ion

– Operation: With or without cord

– Running time: 180 minutes

– Charging time: 1 hour

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