Luminox 8415 Blackops vs. Seiko Blackmonster

Watch comparison between the Luminox 8415 Blackops vs. Seiko Blackmonster.

These are both dive watches, one of them has an automatic movement, the other has a battery powered swiss made movement. They are both capable of diving to depths of 200 meter, they are both very rugged watches that will serve you for many years to come.

To be honest it is not a very honest comparison since the Luminox watch is the more expensive watch and has much more expensive components, but the question is, it the Luminox really better or does the Seiko blow you away giving what it has to offer for the price ?

Which one is better ?


The Seiko Blackmonster is cheaper but it does not feel like that at all, you need to look into the details of both watches to find out where the difference comes from. The Luminox has a swiss made movement and has some very special materials, such as a scratch resistant case. The Seiko on the other hand really offers a lot given the fact it is more then 100 Euro cheaper. On the first look, the Seiko looks more expensive, the Luminox is more of a tool watch.


It depends on your preference, I think the Seiko is still the best buy. But if you want ruggedness, accuracy, a very unique lighting system and all of that in a package that doesn’t stand out too much, the Luminox is absolutely your best choice.

Thanks for watching.

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