Casio SGW 400HD 1BVER

Today we take a look at an entry level digital analog watch from Casio, the Casio SGW 400HD 1BVER. This watch costs 100 euros.

About Casio

Japanese company Casio is one of the world’s largest and most successful watchmakers, which can undoubtedly be seen from the construction of three versions of the Casio Sport Twin Sensor Watch. These models with analog-digital face are great examples of the company’s efforts to produce timepieces that are at the same time equipped with new technologies and affordable to almost anyone.

Watch review of the Casio SGW 400HD 1BVER.

Casio Sport Twin Sensor Watch

There are three types of the Casio Sport Twin Sensor Watch.

They all have very similar features and are only slightly different. Model SGW400HD-1B includes a silver-colored stainless steel bracelet, one blue digital sub dial and four neutral sub dials. The other variation, model SGW400H-1BVER is very much alike, but features a black rubber strap and sub dials in different color. This version has top sub dial in red color; two middle sub dials are blue, whereas two bottom digital displays are neutral. The third variation of Casio Sport Twin Sensor Watch has a black rubber band and yellow hands and sub dials.

Altimeter/Barometer and Thermometer

All these Casio watches for men have altimeter/barometer and thermometer functions. Each version of the Sport Twin Sensor takes and also displays barometric pressure readings (with display range from 260 to 1.100 hPa). These results are converted into altitude measurements (the altimeter has a measuring range from -700 to 10.000 meters, also available in feet).

Another useful feature is certainly its thermometer. An internal thermo-sensor provides accurate and reliable temperature readings. It is once again possible to choose how the results will be displayed, because this Casio watch can show temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Apart from these features, responsible for its name – the Twin Sensor Watch – this type of timepieces also includes a 1/100 stopwatch (with elapsed time, split time and 1st-2nd times), a world time function (with 31 time zones and 48 cities) and a countdown timer. However, the list of useful features doesn’t stop there.

This multifunctional product also has water resistance of 100 meters, electro luminous backlight with afterglow and five daily alarms. Each variation of Casio Sport Twin Sensor Watch has an accurate Japanese quartz movement.

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