Casio fishing gear AMW 702D 7A vs G SHOCK 1250D- 1A

Video review of the Casio fishing gear AMW 702D 7A vs G SHOCK 1250D- 1A

In todays video we take a look at two Casio watches. This comparison between these watches is based on the price. On the one hand we have a 100 euro watch and in the other we have a 300 euro watch, for American viewers, a 110 dollar watch against a 330 dollar watch from Casio. Casio makes relatively cheap but very reliable watches for everyone. What happens if you spend a little more on a watch and go for a G-shock with tons of features.

First of all you need to be quite a watch enthousiast if you want to pay more for a watch, most of the time this is not a rational choice, but more of an emotional choice.

On left we have the Casio Fishing Gear watch and on the right we have a Casio G-shock from the aviator series.

The casio Fishing gear watch is a classic everyday watch, you barely notice it on your wirst. Also you can wear it with a t-shirt, a suite or sweater without it standing out too much.

It offers the standard fucntions you aspect from a digital watch such as world time, stopwatch, alarm etc. It offers two extra features which I think are great, first it has build in thermometer and second a moon phase indicator. This last function is for people that go fishing, the moon phase indications when it is a perfect time to go fishing apenrantly.

It is a nice but basic watch that will serve most of your needs, this will be enough for 80 % of the people out there.

Why spend more on a watch ?

Well If you love gadgets, you must love G-shock watches.

Take a look at this Casio GW-1250D-1A. It has much more of a robust feel to it. Some of the features include though movement, that means this movement can operate under extreme G-forces, the watch is solar powered, so no need for a battery for the next decade, it has atomic controlled time regulation, receives automic time calibration signals every night. And all of that in a sportive looking package.

When it comes to the atomic time, you can’t get more accurate time then this… plus the materials that are used are off outstanding quality. Big buttons, big dails for easy redability, scratch resistant glass that lays deep in the watchcase etc. There is no doubt in my mind that this watch is build for though situations.

Do I need that in my daily life ?

No not really to be honest, but the same applies for cars with 500 hp. Do you use that power every single day ? Probably not applicable for every day life situations, but still it is nice to have so much horsepower, you bet !

There is not really a conclusion to this video, Casio is a household name in the watch industry. These sell milions of watches every year, what if you spend a little more and go for their top models, what do they offer. Quite a lot of bang for you buck… I am a big casio fan. My first watch was a casio and these watches just work.

Also if you are a business man of a pilot and you travel in and out of time zones, this watch is perfect. If you for instance travel to China, you set the watch to Beijing time, it will switch not only the time but also the frequenty of the atomic clock. Also with the summer and the winter time in Europe, it automatically adjusts the time for you, features like this make this watch a joy to own.

It is basically a watch that generates it own power by solar energy, sets its time based on atomic calibration signals, has a though movement and is therefor able to handle a lot of abuse plus this watch operates acurate everywhere in the world. You got to respect how much watch you get for the money. Sure it is not the kind of watch you wear with a suite, but for everyday situations and life in general this is all the watch you need.

Although taste is something that is not messurable, I am very satisfied with this watch and based on spec level, this watch makes top brands like breitling and Tissot look extra expensive. Offcource with expersive brands from switserland, the devil is in the details, expensive movements, expensive materials used, offcource the brand itself. Going back to rationality, if you can spend between 5k and 10k on a watch, you are probaly rich and rationality is out of the window…..

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