About KLB productions

Hello and welcome at the KLB Productions website.

This site was created in order to display most of our online productions.

We mostly make online video productions. Since all video’s are published on Youtube, we embed these video’s on this site to create an overview of all our productions.

Since 2016 our two main topics are the creation of car video’s and watches.

For the last couple of years I made quite a lot of watch and hardware reviews. That is now coming to an end. My goal is to have at least two channels where I can come up with regular content. That is the whole idea of a Youtube channel, so far I just put up video’s as a way to have my productions seen across the Youtube platform, now I want to take it a step further.

About KLB productions.

The name of the parent company is KLB productions.

KLB productions is active in video, music creation and IT. KLB was created in the summer of 2006, since then we made beats, complete tracks and many online video’s. The video production part is done by Eagle Eye and the music part is done by Beat Up Recordz. We are now active for about 10 years, in the early days we mostly made music, since 2011 we focus more on video productions.

If you have any questions about particular video’s you can leave your comment below in the comment section that belong to that video, if you have any questions of business inquiries you can leave a comment below in this post.

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